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DHT Support?
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Author:  KnightAR [ Wed Nov 23, 2005 2:05 pm ]
Post subject:  DHT Support?

Is there plans on supporting DHT? or any plans on using the new bittorrent source code with trackerless? if so, any eta?

- KnightAR

Author:  DWKnight [ Wed Nov 23, 2005 3:47 pm ]
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If memory serves, TheSHAD0W wasn't really pleased with the licensing changes made in the 4.x codebase. As such, he's probably going to wait for documentation on the protocol unless the DHT modules are released under a more compatible license with BitTornado.

Author:  Guest [ Thu Nov 24, 2005 4:53 pm ]
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I always wanted to make a program that integrated itself into Azureus and Mainline DHTs and ran so that you could connect to it on a port locally (ie bittornado could manual announce to localhost:12345 and it would pretend to be a tracker).

Shame I can't code for s**t and have no time :oops:

Author:  Dark_Shroud [ Thu Dec 15, 2005 10:51 pm ]
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I would like to see BitTornado support mainline's DHT. Theirs used by uTorrent & Bitcomet. So that would give us some easy multi client connectivity. I don't like Azureus, but I could understand adding DHT to connect to them as well. That would set BitTornado ahead in DHT ability.

<rant>Of course Azureus could just support a standard of Mainline's but that would be a helpful feature that would stick out on their plug-in list. I think Azureus likes having their own private DHT that's incompatible with all others just to be different.</rant>

Author:  Guest [ Mon Jan 30, 2006 1:22 pm ]
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I'm guessing that DHT would be sort of hard to work into the way Bittornado is currently set up.

Bittorrent Mainline, Azureus, and uTorrent all use 1 window for many torrents. Bittornado is 1 window 1 torrent, and sort of lacks the persistence in memory that the other clients possess.

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