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PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2005 12:49 pm 
Anonymous wrote:
bitcomet is not a leech client it is a bt cliient like any other client minus superseeding
Allow me to correct you:

BitComet does not follow the BitTorrent protocol. In some places it violates only the 'spirit' (the purpose) of parts of the protocol, but for others it violates it by any reasonable measure. It does this to get a far bigger piece of the bandwidth pie in a torrent at the expense of others in the torrent and even the continuation of the torrent. Therefore, it is merely a leech program trying to masquarade as a "true" BitTorrent client.
Anonymous wrote:
how can we complain about something that is free?
The issue is not whether BitComet is free, the issue is it cheats others.

It sabotages super-seeds and drains the torrent bandwidth:
Comment: BitComet interferes with SuperSeeding? disobeys the private torrent flag:
[BUG] DHT connecting on private torrents
(Note: This is BitComet's forums -- where you'd expect the most denials of problems...but even its supporters admitted this is a problem and understandable that private trackers needed to ban it.) excessively reconnects to the tracker to get as many seed and peer connections as possible. This has overloaded many trackers, knocking some offline for hours. ...Which might explain many of the tracker errors people post about here.
(I only have anecdotal evidence on that, and no URL for this yet.) does basically the same to individual peers+seeds in a torrent:
mrbraindead: "I tested on open torrent trackers today, and on some trackers (I think they just are fast enough) BitComet users connect 5 - 10 times per SECOND to my utorrent client(shown in log).
Every BitCoemt client does so, while no other client connects more than 2 times in 10 minutes."
(Personally, I've heard of slower Denial-of-Service attacks.)

And it is easily configured to be even more leechlike than that! It allows you to (try to) download 15+ torrents at a time with multiple uploads for each, with a TOTAL upload speed of 1 KB/sec. Meaning EACH upload might average 0.02 KB/sec...over many hours. That's actually WORSE than uploading nothing due to the overhead costs for each connection! Btw, you'd get faster download speeds using a higher upload speed -- but if you're just looking to sabotage torrents, you won't care about speeds.

There is even some anecdotal evidence that this VERY slow upload rate also causes additional failed hashes on file chunks due to lost or corrupted packets, even 5-20% of ALL the file chunks of a torrent! This means everyone with this problem has to download+upload 5-20% more than the total length of the file. I don't see how that is beneficial for anyone.
(I don't have a URL to this one either, though I've read multiple people commenting that they've seen this -- often when they use BitComet!)

...And I remember thinking 3 KB/sec upload speed and 2 uploads at once (which is 1.5 KB/sec each) on BitTornado was slow!

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2005 7:02 pm 

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Patch made to prevent this sort of exploitation; expect it in the next release.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 2 posts ] 

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