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Problem with Sygate Personal Firewall Pro :(
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Author:  Meiji Lythtis [ Wed Mar 24, 2004 1:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Problem with Sygate Personal Firewall Pro :(

Well, it's not exactly a problem, but a doubt... I'm newbie using BT and firewalls and I don't know about this

This firewall always ask me if i want the sites to appear, if i say no... then my conexion would be useless because i wouldn't be able to browse, so, i always have to say yes to allow this... the same with messenger when I run it and when a contact wants to talk to me... It always warn me when something wants to reach my computer, so I always say no... There is the option in all that says: "Remember my answer and apply for all" (something like that)... so, my quistion is:

if I remember my answer as "yes", it will remember it also when something wanted to reach my computer? or I'd have to tell the program that it must remember it for each program I run?

Can anybody help me? :cry:
btw... I like the Shadow a lot... I haven't had any problem and it runs good, thanks

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