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I done alot of work but still need help PLZ HELP
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Author:  TheSoliude [ Sun Jan 16, 2005 3:50 pm ]
Post subject:  I done alot of work but still need help PLZ HELP


I been reading other ppl's post and tried doing what they did.
I have Alltel ADSL and I hope thats good. My download is always like 10kbs-15kbs. If I'm lucky it will get up to 25 sometimes. I have the yellow light and funny thing is that in port 40489 is the only time I have green. I need help opening my ports or forwarding them. Here is some more Info about what I have and use:

-ADSL Alltel
-I set my download to DSL/Cable Fast
-Norton Internet Secrurity 2003 Pro (this has a firewall on it too)
-I disable Windows Firewall
-I disable my modem's firewall
-I have a Microsoft Routner Mn-500 (has a firewall)
-I set my ports to 6881-6889

PLZ help me. I been trying so hard for months and I havn't got much progress. I'll do anything (almost anything) to speed up my connection. Like this guy's Thank you.

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