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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 11:25 am 
and i open

 Post subject: Re: How many UPloads
PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2005 11:58 am 
Lipps wrote:
OK so i found out that my upload rate is 384K so i divide by 8 and multiply by .9 and get 43.2. That's all great and dandy, but how many uploads should i use... i have 6 right now anyone have an idea?
You know how fast -- that is about 43 KB/sec. I suggest rounding that down to 40 KB/sec to be stable.

How many is a good question, but not a hard one to answer:

You want each peer you upload be able to get at least 3 KB/sec. And you'd definitely want that in return too. :)

40 KB/sec / 3 KB/sec = 13 peers max -- any higher than that and they'll IGNORE your uploading to them (as just not fast enough to matter) and upload to someone else in return.

5 KB/sec per peer is a better value than 3 KB/sec per for 40 KB/sec upload max that's 8 peers. This way, you'd probably get up to 8 peers uploading to you -- plus a couple seeds if there's enough seeds to spare. However each might only be going 5 KB/sec...

No point in going much beyond 10 KB/sec...which is 4 or fewer uploads. However 4 uploads at once is the MINIMUM allowed by BitTornado anyway if you're wanting to upload faster than 8 KB/sec. 4 x 10 KB/sec = 40 KB/sec.

So to answer your question, 6 uploads is just fine and probably as good a value as you can get. Fewer than 4 is impossible and not good even if it were possible. More than 10 is probably not going to get you any more speed -- quite the opposite, reducing it below 10 down to anywhere between 4-8 uploads will likely see big download speed jumps.

To answer yellow light questions:
Chances are, it's a software firewall (Win XP's? Norton? even some antivirus programs!) or a router's built-in firewall that is causing the yellow light in BitTornado.
Unless your router supports UPnP AND has UPnP enabled, it doesn't matter WHAT settings changes you do in BitTornado...
you will be firewalled anyway because the problem is NOT in BitTornado.

For software firewalls, you have to either disable them or allow BitTornado traffic through them both ways.

For routers, you must use port-forwarding (best way) with fixed ip addresses for your computers on your LAN, port-triggers (not as good) for computers with 'random' LAN ip addresses, and DMZ (worst way) for a fixed LAN ip computer that refuses to un-firewall itself any other way. Even after configuring the router and BitTornado to use the same ip ports, you may need wait a minute then shut down your router, cable/DSL modem, and get them all to reboot with the new settings properly.

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