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PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2004 8:54 pm 
i now have green lights - kooool ... :D

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2004 5:41 am 
the inside port and outside port key in the same ??

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 27, 2004 8:07 pm 

Joined: Wed Oct 27, 2004 7:22 pm
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super wrote:
Wow Sod's advice is really helpful.
After opening the ports (6881-6889 or more) it's important to enter that range of ports into Bit Tornado in prefs. I forgot to do that. Now I have green.

I'm new user.. need help explain about these ..
i'm d/l only 1g or less a week. using 1.5mps dsl...
but my upload is about 25g+ a week..

i always having sharing rate of 4.5+ :) ..
is that better ????
reguarding rating higher better??

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 29, 2004 12:04 am 
I have done everything i have read from here and i'm still having yellow light. Nothing seems to work. I have configured my firewall, router and bittornado. I'm confused, Somebody help!

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 29, 2004 6:58 am 
I just install a new programs bt suppotrted..
it's call azureus go to f.a.q in and click on the link.. ok.. i install on my laptop.. and it's very fast..... :) :D :P :lol: i love it.. now i remove my bt programs.. and i use azureus only.. it's great... but u will need to install java first ok..
after that.!!!!!
hahahahhahaha.!!!1 :D :twisted:

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 02, 2004 3:58 am 
Thanks, im still confused about all that network stuff but I did something right, green light and higher DL, speed. ...this deserves a smoke break :)

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 06, 2004 4:46 pm 
Hi all.

I'm using Sygate firewall with a 1Mbs connection, and normally torrent
speed is aroud 50-70Kbs sometimes it seems the same speed of u/l
wich is at 125Kbs (ADSL line)

I've configured the sygate firewall like stated in the beggining of this thread but some torrents seems that can't go faster.

Any users having the same experience?
Thanks in advance

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 07, 2004 6:32 pm 
what do i Do??????????/ :x
ive port forwarded, port triggered, set up a static ip, taken off my firewall, destoyed all the spyware on my comp. i dont kno what to do now when i check the connectivity test it tells me it cant find a NAT please help me out asap!!

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2004 6:22 am 
May I ask which is Speedtouch 570/570i ...?

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2004 7:17 am 
By the way, how to prevent from choking and being snubbed by peers ...?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2004 9:13 pm 
OK , I have read though many of these threads and it seem that there is alot of info spread around. I see alot of confusion going on and hope that I might be able to clear some of it up.

First if you are behind a firewall or router or both you NEED to forward ports. However there is some confusion on which ports to forward. The newest ver of Bit Tornado that I have listed Ports 10000 - 60000. You can change these ports if you like or leave them the way they are BUT they still need to be forwarded. For example, if you BT clinet lists ports 6881 -6999 as the ports it uses, then these ports need to be forwarded. If your BT Clinet list 10000-60000 as the ports its using, then they need to be forwarded. You can find BT port info under the Prefs link on the D/L screen, then it will be under PORT RANGE.

Second. if you are using both a firewall and a router, disable or uninstall the firewall until YOU understand how they work and how to adjust the settings. For thoese of you that have a built in firewall on your router, set it to the lowest settings which will offer you minimal protection. (atleast against NetBios traffic). You can also disable this firewall for testing BT, at least to see if it is affecting the ports that you need!

Third, DO NOT MAKE MORE THAN ONE CHANGE AT A TIME. If you change more than one setting at a time then when you get it to work you don't know exactly which setting fixed your problem.

Forth, running around on the internet these days with out a firewall is dangerous and can cause you alot of grief. Once you have figured out how to get the FAMOUS yellow light green, start working on configuring your firewall, LEARN IT, LIVE IT, KNOW IT. It will save your ass when the bad people come to mess with you.

There are alot of resons why the yellow light comes up. Not all of the reasons are with in your control, however most are. From what I have seen the number one offender is PORT FORWARDING, Here is a list of other possible issues that i know of starting with the ones you have control over.


Things you mat not have control over, Invisible Proxy's, Firewall on your ISP's side that block that incoming port range.

If all else fails contact your isp and ask them the following, Do they use and invisable proxy? Do they block incoming ports with a router or firewall? Is there any software or hadware that they use to block this port range (Specifiy the port range that is setup on BT)? and if they are blocked is there a port range that isn't that will work with this software?

If you have tried all of these suggestions and still cant make it work, Reset all of your settings and try again. Alot of times you will get extremely fustrated and make a bad settings change or forget to change something that you need to. DON'T SHOOT YOUR COMPUTER. Back away or take a good break by killing shit in a game. Once your relaxed come back to it with a fresh mind. Also, research you equipment on the web and use service sites such as and

I will do my best to answer any questions reguarding this post, but understand most of us have different setups. I will list mine and the ports that I have forwarded in hopes that it may help someone.


P-4 2.4 800 HT
1 GIG Ram
400 GIG of HD space
Windows XP PRO
Zone alarm 4.5 Firewall (Which i have given open access to BT)
ISP: CenturyTel ADSL 1.5/512
Router: Westell 6100 / Built in fire wall on lowest setting but not off

PORTS FORWARDED: TCP 6881-6999 Base Port 6881, TCP 10000-60000 Base Port 10000, Tigger Port 6969.

There ya go hope this helps,


P.S. To all of you that have posted suggested settings changes and ideas THANKS, It got mine working.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2004 1:52 am 
Thanks for that Tarragon :D , can you post your configuration in Zone Alarm for BT ?

Thanks in advance.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2004 10:36 am 
OK folks, one last piece of the pie. After configuring the xp-firewall, and forwarding the ports on the router, don't forget -- Set the port range in "Pref" in Bit Tornado. Uncheck the "randomize" button, and set the range to the same range you did on xp-firewall AND the router forwarding. That was the last step for me, and finally got to green light !

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2004 10:25 pm 

Joined: Sat Nov 20, 2004 9:12 pm
Posts: 7
Location: Canada
Maybe my mind just runs at a speed comparable to the way fourteen year old with their learners permit takes corners, but it took me ages to figure out that (with a linksys WRT54G at least) If you have the same ports forwarded with the IPs from two (or maybe more) computers, one or both don't work. Gotta use different ports for your pgs on your computer with the router and your networked computer(s). Or maybe it's only a problem that happens to me. 's worth a try if nothing else works.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 27, 2004 11:56 pm 
I need to know the Ver. of Zone Alarm that you are using.

Sorry for not checking back sooner


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