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DI-524 connectable, download/upload speed problems
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Author:  ButlerButler [ Tue Oct 18, 2005 11:29 pm ]
Post subject:  DI-524 connectable, download/upload speed problems

I've read thread after thread and I've tried different combinations of everything I've come across that it looks like it could even remotely relate to me.

What's happening: I have an extremely low download speed and an even lower upload speed, despite the fact I have consistent green lights.

I've got the DLink DI-524 (probably a mistake to buy it, but it was on sale... argh, now I see why.)

I've set up virtual servers, I've tried different port ranges, I've opened up ports with firewall rules, with the special applications tool. I've tried different trackers. I've researched by cable modem, I've found no mention of it being firewalled. I'm not firewalled. I've tried DMZ, that didn't work. My ISP isn't blocking or throttling my ports. There is no transparent proxy (or whatever the name was I forget now, late, brain fried). I'm spyware-free. I've tried changing the default rate setting. I've upgraded my firmware to the latest version. Which led me to the discovery that the factory settings will allow me to be connectable (but still very slow).

To top this all off I can't even seem to register with this forum!

The only thing that appears to have helped at all was upgrading the firmware -- right after i did that I had my all time high upload speed of 4kbps, and all time high download speed of 28kbps (usually it hovers at 0-1kbps up and 2-8kbps down).

My obvious question now is: Does anyone else have any more ideas on what to do?

My other question is: has anyone ever witnessed a DLink DI-524 router work well with Bit Torrent? I have a feeling it's just plain crap.

Please prove me wrong so I don't have to go waste a bunch of cash buying a new router... but any insight is welcome.


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