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PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 10:11 pm 

As I have looked over these fourms for several hours and found tons of insight as how to fix this problem and having it not get fixed, I thought I would post for some help.

So far I have set up a static IP address on the computer that uses Bittorrent, I used the instructions for a WRT54G Linksys router, but i read in one of the posts somewhere that those instructions aren't for the newer firmware. My only problem is i live in a house with 4 roommates and am not sure if i set the internet connection type to static ip if i'll have to assign a static ip to all my roommates connections. But so far i have reason to believe that the port forwarding i did works. I forwarded ports 10000-10030 just to be safe and i set the settings in bittornado accordingly ( setting the port range, unselecting randomize and disabling UPnP port forwarding). I know my router is running a firewall, but i was under the impression that if i forwarded the ports it shouldn't be a problem. Also, I set the assigned range of IP addresses on the router to start at and the max users at 50 so it should stop at and then i set my static IP on my computer to be

Currently i'm downloading a torrent that has 58 peers with an average of 37.9% completed (total speed 1078 kB/s) and i'm connected to 7 seeds with 10.999 distributed copies, but i'm downloading at 38 kB/s and uploading at20 kB/s. I still have the yellow light problem after forwarding everything and i'm positive i don't have any malware. I was just hoping for some help from you kind folks since i think i screwed something up somewhere. Any help offered would be greatly appreciated.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2005 12:56 am 
On my Linksys 4-port router, I was able to reserve a random ip assignment 'zone' in my LAN for computers with 'have windows auto assign an ip' enabled (DHCP configuration I think it's called) -- while having other computers assigned to fixed ip addresses outside that zone. That was the easy part, as it was just clicking a couple boxes in my router's configuration menus (accessable through internet explorer.)

The hard part was making sure all the computers on the network were 'behaving'. My ISP changed DNS servers on me awhile back, and I was unable to get on the internet till I changed all the fixed ip computers manually to the new values. Sadly, every time I reinstall windows from a backup windows image, I have to do that again...

Make doubly sure the LAN ip of the computer with BitTornado on it matches the port-forwarding destination in your router -- even rebooting both the computer AND router to verify the settings took effect!

If your ip range starts at and the max users is 50, then the last one is -- leaving unused as well.

If 58 peers have a total speed of 1078 kB/s, (the seeds wouldn't be downloading and don't count) then on average each peer is only getting 18.6 kB/s -- less than half your reported value of 38 kB/s. So even though you're firewalled currently (for unknown reasons), you're not too bad off.

For the sake of your roommates, make sure if you're trying to upload using BitTornado and they are trying to upload too that it doesn't vastly overload the connection. Overloads can make dropped packets so bad that a connection can APPEAR to be firewalled -- because the replies sent by your computer never make it past your ISP's bandwidth-limiting ...or worse yet don't make it past your modem or router due to hardware overloads instead of software limitations!

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 2 posts ] 

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