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Yellow Light Driving me MAD
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Author:  Equiether [ Mon Jul 23, 2007 2:38 am ]
Post subject:  Yellow Light Driving me MAD

Have no idea why BitTornado has all of the sudden given me a yellow light; it's been fine ever since I first fixed it (with a couple a bumps along the way that I fixed), until I noticed today.

I'm on a static IP, checked it, checked router page made sure ports were open, checked modem page and made sure ports were open, checked BitTornado made sure ports matched, everything checked out. I tried the connection detector and it needed 1024+ port so I changed ports on everything to 3200-3300 and rebooted, nothing. The connection thing said I was perfect.

When I accessed my modem page (at&t is ISP), I noticed that my private IP there was .64, instead of .6 everywhere I changed my ip to .64 to match it via static and yet..nothing.

I ran SpyBot for malware and w/e and don't think it found any just some spyware, cleared it up, nothing.

Lastly, after a while the light randomly seems to turn green but the download speed still stays pathetically low (1000+ seeds for what I am downloading).

Any help would be more than welcome because quite frankly I'm lost ;/

Author:  Equiether [ Tue Jul 24, 2007 11:48 pm ]
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Any help please? Now, sometimes when I'm downloading it will turn green at the onset but the download speed is still terrible.

Author:  smokecrops [ Sat Aug 16, 2008 1:52 am ]
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god I hate that shit, the same thing used to happen to me....I say used to happen but it still does, its just now I still am able to download fine, but I always have that yellow light sitting there...starring at me, mocking me, telling me I'm less of a man and laughing....but I still get great speeds both up and down...I tried portforward but there really wasn't a appreciable difference so I went back....the only thing I noticed is some of the snobbier torrent sites wont allow you to download torrents if it thinks you aren't connectible.....its frustrating but even with all the problems... this program is still leaps and bounds above the other torrent clients out there.....

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