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Yellow Light always sometimes works great sometime not......
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Author:  smokecrops [ Sat Aug 16, 2008 1:40 am ]
Post subject:  Yellow Light always sometimes works great sometime not......

So I am using the new build, 3.18, and I download files fine, good speeds great downloads and uploads, but I always have a yellow light. I never get a green light only yellow, I'm not saying the light should be green or whatever, I'm fairly certain I'm behind a firewall, I know Kaspersky '09 has a firewall thats on, but I cant figure out how to allow bt to have full unrestricted access, but thats neither here nor there, My one question is should I go ahead and portforward or just be happy with what I have?....I've tried it before and I've had some success, but its very hard, and I'm always scared that I'm going to perma-ruin my router or connection....some certain websites say I'm unconnectable, but others no problem at all, Its just so weird....any advice whatsoever would be appreciated. PLEASE HELP I'M WORRIED

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