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why are all these peers snubbing or choking?
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Author:  the antipop [ Tue Mar 09, 2004 12:29 pm ]
Post subject:  why are all these peers snubbing or choking?

I am a new user and having very slow download speeds (0-10kB/s). When I click on the advance feature while running Shad0w, I have notice peers recieving sometimes triple my speed or more. I currently am running through a DSL with a decent transfer rate and have opened ports through the router, WinXP ICF, and zone alert to allow access. I dont seem to have any problem with peers connecting to me with UL speeds upwards of 50kB/s. In regards to the snubbing and choking, even when I show peers are present and they even have the complete file, I cannot progess in my DL (showing 0kB/s). Why does this happen, or am I totatally off base? How do I accomplish speeds upwards of 100kB/s?

Any other help would be greatly appreciated?

Author:  TheSHAD0W [ Tue Mar 09, 2004 2:45 pm ]
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Because of TCP/IP overhead it would be very inefficient for peers to upload to everyone at once. The choke system arranges things to each client uploads to only a few others at a time, mostly those who are sending them data. Eventually this system locates peers with good connections between them and a majority of the data you receive will be over these connections. The "snub" flag simply means that peer hasn't sent you data in a while, even if they aren't choking you, and is intended to prevent abuse.

Author:  Sire [ Wed Mar 17, 2004 3:45 am ]
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Would it be fair to say once seeds are apart of the picture speeds go up considerably?

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