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ISPs severely throttling BT upstream
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Author:  Guest [ Sun Oct 03, 2004 8:25 am ]
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let us not forget we are paying for this full bandwidth. What right do they have restricting our useage?? Let them know. We're all simply downloading open source programs, e.g. LINUX so give us what we pay for! :twisted:

Author:  Guest [ Wed Oct 06, 2004 2:34 pm ]
Post subject:  ISP's Throttling ?!!!!

:lol: You Wanna See Throttling-To-The-Max, im with NTL and i can tell you downloading off a web site is sweet, but as a hub owner and Op In few other hubs on DC++, my uploads and downloads arent worth talking about, in fact it feels like im using a ZX Spectrum 48K to File Share. :cry: i contacted NT-Shittin-L and they came and pulled me a new cable from box to my house, and new cables in house too, then they just give me a web address to go to and download a dummy file of say 8mb in size just to test speed, and they say "nothing wrong there, if anything its a bit faster than it should be" "YEAH YEAH NTL maybe downloading directly off the net is quick but im FILE SHARING And im Using DC++ to share all my ill gotten MP3's which would probably get me a nice holiday in strangeways" :lol: , As If im going to tell them that :lol: , but yet its still the same, sometimes downloads/uploads start at say 18Kb/s then gradually drop to 0Kb/s and hang there a second or 2 then jump back up to 18kb/s and so on and so on, until (if im unlucky enough to be just a mere user) I get kicked/banned on the presumption im using a limiter.

sorry if im going off the track, talking DC++ but how do i know that the problem i have with DC++ doesnt affect BitTornado ?

Author:  warpengi [ Wed Oct 13, 2004 2:01 am ]
Post subject:  why ports should not affect connections

JackStraw77 wrote:

My question is: if your client is listening on port X then does everyone you connect to have to also be on port X or will you connect to people on other ports as well, say for instance 6881?


If you have not figured out the answer to this yet I will try to explain with my limited knowledge. I was wondering about this too until I figured it out.

It does not matter what ports anyone is using because the tracker gets your IP address and ports when you connect to it. The tracker then passes this off to peers when they access the tracker. The tracker is independent of any seeds and has none of the file that you wish to download.

The tracker IP is coded into the .torrent file. When you start your BT download you are connected to the tracker and get the IP's and ports of the seeds and peers already on the network. The tracker is updated periodically and everyone in the network contacts the tracker periodically for the current list of seeds and peers.

AFAIK peer to peer connections are made only through the tracker, not through other peers or seeders.

Anyone please correct me if I have made any errors or clarify anything that I have not made clear.

Author:  thecynic [ Thu Oct 14, 2004 5:26 am ]
Post subject:  port forwarding

hey all,

for those of u interested. i have just had to change my port range AGAIN ,as per TheShadow's advice, cos my light had gone to yellow. complete success, my the light is now green again.

keep the sods guessing.

Author:  Marlboro777 [ Tue Oct 19, 2004 12:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Ex ISP Employee-

Okay for the 2 years i worked for my local ISP we never throttled anyone's speed.. However we did get rid of alot of warez servers. running "warez webpages, Warez FTP Sites."

Everyone who has an account with a username.. has a upload and download statistic for the month..

we look at the logs and see he's been on for 650-700+ hours for the month..
that's about 20-24 hours a day trafficing 30 days a week.
normal users don't traffic that much.

we'll let the network admin know about that one.. and basicly we'll call the customer. tell them to pay for a dedicated line rather then a dialup. if they are going to use that much bandwidth they may as well upgrade to a dedicated 24/7 line and pay for a buisness page on the webserver if their website is going to run that much traffic.

And let them know about our policy against Warez servers..


Warez Servers, Porn Servers, Email Spamming, Email Bombing, will get you in the dirty black book of banned customers. basicly its a list of customers who cause more problems then they are worth as clients.

High Broadband Customers - We're not really concerned with their bandwidth useage.. sure we monitor it to make sure our lines and servers are capable of handling the load. but the bottleneck isn't with the ISP's bandwidth.. most of the time the bottleneck lies at the HOPS and the sites that your trafficing on.. and your own computer configuration bottlenecks.

most isp's have T+ or fiberoptic backbones.. and 6000+ customers and no we don't sit their and monitor traffic on ports..

we monitor traffic by username/ monthly transfer rate and connection time to our server.

and alot of ISP's use unix/linux on or webserver and other servers but our workstations are windows XP/windows 2000.

Author:  VitaLemon [ Thu Oct 28, 2004 1:09 am ]
Post subject: 

Hi i'm a bit new to BT configurations.

i try to d/l this file but it gave an error

problem connecting to tracker - urlopen error (10061 , 'Connection refused')

so i try setting it to the 20 ports range and still it has the same problem.

then i turned it back to default which is 10000-60000 (Randomize)

but now , not only can i NOT download that specific file , i cannot download any other torrents at all.

can anyone please help?

Author:  alex7 [ Thu Oct 28, 2004 5:30 pm ]
Post subject: 

hi all,

i'm at uni and they have somehow blocked bittorrents completely, :(

is there anychance of getting round this in the next few months?


Author:  RasputinX [ Thu Oct 28, 2004 5:34 pm ]
Post subject:  BT settings security benefits and a question.

(For those that are behind a firewall/NAT router, remember BT port settings and port forwarding settings must match for optimum performance. Changing one without the other is counter-productive, no matter what results you seem to be getting.)

An added benefit of making the changes suggested by the Shad0w is that virus/trojan/RAT writers are more than familliar with the standard ports used by P2P apps (and indeed BT itself), and have incorporated port usage (and BT functionality) into thier products...this means that even if you have a system that is secure by most online security tests measurement you have left open the exact doors that some intruders wants to exploit. And if you use a firewall log any traffic on those ports may not be regognized as suspicious, because the logger and/or you yourself may already know that you have programs that use those ports...

So by not using the "standard" ports you actually increase your computers, and indeed your entire home networks security, changing the range of ports used on a regular basis adds another layer of protection, making it unlikely that malware could exploit any port consistenly. This also would prevent ISPs from easily throttling BT for many of the same reasons.

My Question is this, is there a freeware program which will do one of two things:

1. enable me to easily toggle my port forwarding settings on my LinkSys router on and off, without having to go through the whole http rigamarole manually? If not could someone write one?

2.enable me to block those ports (a range of 20-100 ports) on my computer and toggle it on or off (AnalogX PortBlocker doesn't do ranges)

3.ensure that ONLY btdownloadgui uses thos ports on this machine

I ask this becasue even after changing the ports I would see connections forwarded to this computer on BTs range, when BT was not running. Those could be explained by someone trying to connect to me becasue I was on before or just mistakes, but I see no reason to allow them.


Author:  Jefff [ Sun Oct 31, 2004 1:21 am ]
Post subject:  So frustrating

So wow. I hate my isp. In the last month or so i guess they added me onto their list! I've changed ports like everyone said at least 10 times and i'm still limited to 10 kb upload. is there ANYWAY around this? this is so extremely frustrating! please help :(

Author:  Guest [ Mon Nov 01, 2004 6:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: So frustrating

Jefff wrote:
So wow. I hate my isp. In the last month or so i guess they added me onto their list! I've changed ports like everyone said at least 10 times and i'm still limited to 10 kb upload. is there ANYWAY around this? this is so extremely frustrating! please help :(

Author:  Needhelp [ Mon Nov 01, 2004 6:47 am ]
Post subject: 

Ok i here about changing all these ports and everything and it raised a question, ive been using BT for a while now, I thought it was normal for bittorrent do download about 20-30kbs sec.... I thought thats just how it worked, Im on high speed broadband and off bit torrent i download hella fast. How do i change my ports? is their a guide some where on how to do it safely? I would like to down at least 100kbs a second, some say they get 512 0_0, damn thats alot for bit torrent(in my case anyway.

So could some one please tell me of how to do this?

Author:  Guest [ Mon Nov 01, 2004 7:52 am ]
Post subject: 

Oh wow, will this eventually spell the end of BitTorrent? anyway i dont seem to have such a problem, my upload speed is pretty stable most of the time. This includes my downloading speed too. Maybe it differs from ISPs. Oh yea i'm not living in the US too, and over here in my country we have like 1 major ISP company that provides broadband for the whole country, and there are quite a number of ppl here uses BitTorrent, since piracy is very rampant. :wink:

Uuh i really hope BT wont die or anything, its way better than p2p programs or even http downloads since the download rate pretty much depends on the seeds/peers and will able us to get our max speed. :o

Author:  Etheral [ Mon Nov 01, 2004 2:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Bit foolish

I'm using my bittorrent for completely legal things. Stupid of ISPs to start thwarting the use of it, when there is nothing wrong with many people's uses of it. I even bet there are some unsuspecting people out there not even using bittorrent, but using the ports being targeted. Lame move by the IPSs tbh.

Author:  Help [ Mon Nov 01, 2004 5:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Help me!

I was downloading using BT at the speed about 100Kb but since 3 days ago, I download at the speed only about 1-3Kb.
I didn't change any BT config so what is the problem???

Author:  Help [ Mon Nov 01, 2004 5:08 pm ]
Post subject:  How??

When changing the port range, do you have to tick the radomize OFF??

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