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Download/Upload battle: tried everything [more info in post]
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Author:  hexCore+ [ Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:19 am ]
Post subject:  Download/Upload battle: tried everything [more info in post]

Hey guys, just did a search of the forums looking for answers as well as google, tried everything but to no avail.

* My problem is I'm getting a download of 3-9kB and an upload of around 30kB with 5 peers, 3-8 seeders
* My Upload settings are set to automatic, as everything I've tried seems to have mad things worse. (have no clue what to do with max. uploads)
* I have opened all firewalls and forwarded all necessary ports.
* The file I am downloading is 6GB. Everytime I start BitTorrent for this file I get around 10-12 seeds and peers, as time goes on the seeds and peers start to disappear. But if I close BitTornado and double click the torrent file that I was downloading, BitTornado starts up and 8-12 peers and seeds show up again and my D/L rate goes back up. Then after around 10mins the peers and seeders start to disappear again, so close and open the torrent file and more peers and seeders show up.

* My internet connection is a cable/DSL with 15mb download 1mb upload
* I DO NOT know the ins/outs of bit torrent clients or BitTornado so if you are able to provide any help, I believe I would need step by step instructions <:/
* For the current 6GB file that I'm downloading the sharing rate is: 2.815 : -) but the status color is yellow, however, the status color has always been yellow for me for every file, even for files where my download was in the hundreds.

So I really hope I can bring up my download, or have it match by upload in BitTornado. Also I have no issues maxing out my computer resources if need be but I have no clue what I can do to make things better.

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