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BitTornado T-0.3.9
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Author:  TheSHAD0W [ Thu Dec 16, 2004 1:16 pm ]
Post subject:  BitTornado T-0.3.9

Ever since the Python people released a new revision of their rather intriguing programming language, I've had people bugging me to put out a new version (especially since there were issues with running the 0.3.8 codebase under it). I'd been waiting for a version of wxPython for Windows that would work with the new Python to be released as well, and now that it has, well, here you go!

This version also fixes a few other bugs; the number of upload slots is now proper, and firewalled peers that lose all their connections will find themselves reconnecting more quickly, and a few other problems were fixed.

I did hold back a number of fixes and improvements pending work on 0.4.0. Otherwise I'd wind up having to update two separate branches of code, something I'd really rather not do. (Forking your own code can suck badly.) So the window-width problem still isn't fixed. Oh well.

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